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"Training with Justin has been great.  It keeps me accountable and goal oriented.  Justin has also provided many great tips and tricks that I have carried with me beyond our session."


Young female professional, recently married 

"I am really enjoying training.  I especially appreciate the flexibility; if some area hurts or is stiff, you seamlessly change the workout to work on that area.  In addition you are personable and careful."


Grandma and MD

"I started training with Justin 3 years ago and as someone who has worked out frequently and with consistency my entire adult life, I have honestly seen tremendous progression in my overall strength, aerobic capacity and improvements in my general conditioning (which spills over into sports I love, like tennis).  I owe all of that to you! As a trainer, I kind of thought it was "silly" to have a trainer myself, but it's been the best decision I've made for myself and I'm not sure where I would be fitness-wise without you!"


Busy mom of two and fitness trainer 

"Justin has designed a training program clearly specific to my goals and physical condition and adjusts the training to take into account minor issues I may have.  In fact he proved his ability as a professional from the start when I first started training in 2019 after surgical repair of my shoulder."


Attorney and avid tennis player

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